Miller’s Lobster Co. History

Miller’s Lobster Company is a family-owned restaurant located in the fishing village of Spruce Head along mid-coast Maine.  Our business was started thirty-six years ago when my father installed tanks on his wharf and began to sell the lobsters he caught.  As our family grew, so did Miller’s.  My brothers and I began lobstering alongside of Dad as soon as we had sense enough not to fall out of the boat.

Around 1977, Miller’s bought a truck and, for a while, marketed lobsters both in and out of state.  About the same time, my father and oldest brother set up a few picnic tables and began to serve lobster dinners on the wharf.  It didn’t take long for word to get around and Miller’s became a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.  In 1982 my father and brother constructed a building with canopied sides to keep our customers dry during inclement weather.

When Dad retired in 1991, my wife and I joined my brother and his family in running the business.  During the next few years, our restaurant grew from only a few tables to over forty and our menu expanded as well.   When my brother and his wife retired in 1996, Miller’s closed for one season.  With my wife and daughter, I reopened the business during the following year.

People come to Miller’s for its atmosphere and great food.  If you arrive for a late lunch you can enjoy watching the fishing boats tie up at our wharf to unload the day’s catch.  You can eavesdrop on the fishermen as they talk about their day at sea and make preparations for tomorrow.  Evenings at Miller’s are more than lovely with the sun setting to the west and the water lapping under your feet.  Since we are surrounded on three sides by water, every table has an ocean view.  We like to call it “lobster in the rough.”

We hope that you will come and join us for lunch or dinner, meet our family and decide for yourself what you enjoy most about Miller’s.