COVID-19 Virus

We will open on June 20th we have changed our hours and days of operation. We were planning this before Covid-19. I have posted the new schedule on our Come Visit Us page.

We will be reducing the number of tables to comply with new regulations and to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible. Millers use to seat 110 people we will be reducing that number to meet the new regulations.

We will post more information as we get closer to opening day.

Mark and I are very excited to get back to work and see everyone. I’ll thank you in advance for your patience will be work on figuring out our new normal.


  • Customers are encouraged to wear a mask upon entering and exiting the restaurant, as well as when going to the restroom.
  • Customers will be seated a t least 6 feet apart from other parties, and need to stay at their table. We have marked our deck to assure our tables remain properly distanced.
  • All tables & seating will be properly sanitized with CDC approved sanitizer between seating’s. Proper sanitizer will be available for use.
  • We will need a contact person for each party.
  • We will be wearing masks.
  • We will likely NOT be wearing gloves, as we will be washing our hands often.
  • There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for harassing the staff if you do not like the rules. We are doing our best to comply with the many regulations set our by Maine’s Governor.